Leave Miranda Alone!

Miranda Kerr in her wedding dress

Yesterday, supermodel Miranda Kerr revealed to the world details concerning her May wedding. She looked stunning in a Grace Kelly-inspired gown, and described the day as “magical”. And in an interview with Vogue, she told us how the beautiful day began: with Kerr throwing a chicken in the oven. You see, Kerr’s slow-roasted chicken, scented with turmeric and lemon, is one of her partner’s favourite dishes.  So, she wanted to cook it for him on their first day as husband and wife (while a caterer replicated the dish for the other wedding guests).

Hours after Kerr’s interview with Vogue was published, one Mamamia author wrote an article where she described Kerr’s chicken-cooking as, “the little known detail about Miranda Kerr’s wedding day I’m not on board with.” The author goes on to explain that, as a bride-to-be herself, she was “officially, well and truly, oh-so-completely off that #blessed bandwagon.” She wrote, “As a wife, surely doing the grocery shopping once in a while and not hogging all of the bed is good enough, isn’t it?”

This type of response from Mamamia, a loudly feminist publication, does not surprise me. But it does anger me. Why are they trashing a woman who simply wanted to do something nice for her soon-to-be-husband? He didn’t force her to cook. It was an act of love, not a sign of oppression or sexism. I, for one, think that what Kerr did was lovely; taking the time and putting in the effort for her partner, instead of for herself; showing that the day wasn’t just about her (as many brides fall into the trap of believing), but about their marriage.


Such a magical day 😍❤️😍

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