5 Good Things That Come From Any Job

I’ve had a number of different jobs and internship experiences in my fairly-short lifetime – some I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, some not so much. And it got me thinking: in every working situation, there are valuable things that you can get out of it (aside from the obvious perks like money and experience). So, whether you’re in your dream job or not, here are four wonderful things that every job can offer (even a sucky one) – which is great, by the way, as we spend so much of our time in the workplace…

  1. A job is a chance to make more friends
    In most jobs, you work with other people, and hopefully, these people can become your friends! More people to hang out with, more people to connect with on social media… And even if your friendship doesn’t really surpass the office, these relationships are a chance to get to know someone – to share worldviews, to discuss common interests, and to complain about work together. So no matter what job you’re currently in, take it as an opportunity to make new friends – possibly even lifelong ones (or ones who can take you with them when they move onto bigger and better things). It’s so hard to meet people once you finish school, especially if you don’t play a team sport or attend a church, so work is a convenient way to make friends.
  2. A job is a chance to grow your character
    As mentioned earlier, I’ve worked in jobs that haven’t been overly enjoyable. BUT, it’s during these times that I’ve grown most as a person: I’ve had opportunities to grow in humility, I’ve dealt with frustrating customers who have grown my patience and compassion, I’ve had my confidence improve over time, I’ve been forced to learn how to handle money wisely, I’ve owned up to my mistakes and grown in honesty, and I’ve gained many new skills. Each job is a chance to improve your character, in many different areas. Maybe yours is an opportunity to grow in loyalty, ambition, cooperation, persistence, reliability, knowledge – the list is endless!
  3. A job is a chance to feel needed
    Having a commitment each day or week, where other people depend on you and your assistance, can sound like a pain or loss of freedom. But it’s actually a really nice way to feel productive, important, needed and valued. Whether you’re answering phone calls, serving people food, helping people feel better about the way they look, cleaning, teaching, or performing surgery, you are necessary. You are helping other people. You are helping the world to function. And, despite how you may feel, your role is essential. If it wasn’t, no one would train and pay you to do it!
  4. A job is a chance to feel believed in
    When your role became available, your boss would’ve received MANY applications from people who were keen to get the job. But, your boss hired you – because they believe that you can do it best! Whether you presented an amazing resume, aced your interview/job trial, or received top recommendations from your references/connections, your boss saw something in you that they liked and trusted enough to give you a job. Knowing that someone with such experience and power sees potential in you should give you loads of confidence.
  5. A job is a chance to impress yourself 
    In any job, there will be tasks required that you will have to either learn from scratch or drastically improve your skills in. Sometimes these things are difficult, or completely new to you, and they seem too hard to do. But when you finally figure out how to do them, and gradually get good at doing them, it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, confidence and self-belief.

So, for whatever job you currently have: be grateful, remember that every penny counts, work hard, believe in yourself as much as your boss does, and make the most of it!


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